The City Top 10 business directory is a reliable source for people seeking quick information for the best products and services close to where they live, work and shop.

We research and review all registered and publicly nominated businesses to ensure they qualify for listing consideration.

☆ Requirements ☆

When registering and signing up your business consider all of the requirements and qualifications for fast approval & publication. Check out the top 3 requirements shown below followed by the qualifications to get your business listing published live.

1) Business has an online review rating of 4 – 5 stars.

2) Complete all the required information on the registration form.

3) Upload 3 good quality images including 1 main featured image and a business logo that best represents your business. Please no duplicate images.

☆ Qualifications ☆

Business Qualifications

Qualifications and Nominations

Not just any business can be listed on the City Top 10 directory. Our qualifications and nominations process are the set standard used to determine the unique Top 10 business listing.

Qualified listings will be approved and published in a Top 10 industry category.

A business can be nominated by anyone who votes for them at the City Top 10 Nominations page. All registered businesses that pass the Qualifications can register for the Bronze, Silver or Gold Star listing plans.

Research, Review and Approval

When City Top 10 receives a business registration or public nomination on behalf of a local business, we begin our research. This is to ensure that the local business or professional meet with all of the required City Top 10 qualifications and guidelines. When approved by the results the business listing is published and featured in a Top 10 industry category.

Supporting Small Business

Get Discovered!

You’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is and deservedly so, should be featured with a listing that showcases your achievements. Get discovered as a top listed local business.

City Top 10 featured listings are designed with the latest search engine optimization tools to get your business noticed on all the popular search platforms like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

City Top 10 Featured Listings

Here are examples of how the Bronze, Silver and Gold Star featured listings look like while being searched on web browsers.

“Top Right” A business listings on Google without reviews.

“Bottom Right” A business listing on Bing with reviews.

Indexed listings are created with search engine optimization, meta tags and key words to amplify their online presence.

Listing search data and analytics can now be viewed in the business owner’s dashboard. Monitor your listing’s search data with yearly reports by Google and Bing analytics. 

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