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Sign up and register your Toronto business to qualify for featured business listing at City Top 10. Select the unique Bronze Star listing to get started or jump right in to advertise and promote your business with the listing features of the Silver or Gold Star. At the City Top 10 business directory it’s more than just a listing! To learn more about each business listing plan visit our Add Listing page.

For listing consideration, check out the Qualifications page for the listing guidelines.

You can also have your customers and clientele vote for your business at the City Top 10 Nominations page.

How It Works

1. Verify Your Business for Listing Approval – Check the guidelines for an accepted listing using the recommendations mentioned on the Qualifications page. If your business passes the recommended qualifications proceed the the next step below.

2. Create Your Profile – Sign up using the sign in section on the City Top 10 main page menu. 

3. Select Your Listing Plan – Go to the Add Listing page to choose the Bronze Star Listing or the Featured Silver and Gold Star Listing plan.

4. Create Your Business Listing – After selecting your listing plan a sign up form will appear. Proceed to add all the required information necessary for the listing creation and approval. This is an “Important” step and may take some time to complete as it is mandatory to follow the recommendations to get approved quickly. 

Quick Tips for Listing Acceptance – To make your listing look it’s best, have a look at some of the published business listings to get an idea of the layout and images required. Use the recommendations mentioned for image sizing on the sign up page. Rename your photos to suit your business as your images may be posted to Google images and shared to other networks on the web.

If you are not able to setup your business listing for any reason! No worries we can create your business listing for you. Just add the required information for your business on the sign up form and we’ll take care of the rest. We will source out the best images pertaining to your business by searching the internet, website and social media pages.

Ready to get started! Tap the “Add Your Listing” button below to select your plan and sign up to qualify.